Quick-frozen food industry needs to speed up packaging upgrade

Increase the pace of upgrading the packaging of fast frozen food. How the product packaging reflects the quality and development stage of the product to some extent. The inner and outer surface of the carton used for quick-frozen food packaging in the United States are coated with a plastic film that can withstand high temperatures of 249 degrees Celsius. This packaging can be heated in a microwave oven and a modified oven, and its cost is also low. However, since my country’s quick-frozen foods have been on the market, the plastic packaging of quick-frozen foods has been manufactured for almost ten years. The packaging design of some manufacturers has no special features and the materials used are not high-tech materials, which are difficult to stimulate consumers' desire to buy. At the same time, we must rely on technology to develop and use hygienic and environmentally friendly packaging materials such as the use of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPS).