The company’ s export vegetable planting base is located in Yuyao, with a total area of 8,000 Mu. It takes only 10 minutes from the bast to the factory, the raw material can be produced as soon as harvested.The base which is recorded by the CIQ, is the pollution-free vegetable origin of Zhejiang Province. The around environment is sanitary and has no any pollution.
The vegetable planting base is managed by the export standard and operated in accordance with regulatory requirements. To ensure the product quality and safety, the company strictly carry out with the Vegetable pesticide residue traceability management system.
The planting base management is the contract mode(the vegetable cooperatives) which is co-managed with the suppliers.
1.All the application of offspring, pesticide and fertilizer are under the supervision and guidance of the CIQ officials.
2.During the planting, the plantation custodians and technicians are staying ate the base for supervising and controlling the planting progress and technicals.
3.Planting, harvesting, testing, fertilizer delivery, pesticide using, planting technical guidance are all carried out and managed in accordance with the CIQ standard.