Five warm soups for spring

Pickled carp soup
This is a traditional Cantonese dish with a delicious flavor. Choose one fresh carp, about 500 grams, to remove the internal organs, without descaling. This soup should be light, so you don't need to fry the carp. Select Cheng Caifu, slice and dilute, then cook with carp until taste is ready.
Pork Belly Horseshoe Soup
To provide you with a simple and effective way to clean the belly, burn half a cup of oil in the wok until hot, add pork belly to the mucus to clear, take out and rinse with water.
Choose hard and heavier horseshoes. After peeling, cook with pork belly, pork ribs, ginkgo and yuba for 3 hours. The soup is sweet and delicious.
Pork Yogurt Goji Soup
Chinese wolfberry is the most fat and tender in spring and summer. It is very sweet with the sweetness of bitter sweetness, combined with pig horizontal deletion and pork liver roll soup. Yokohama is the pancreas of the pig and has nothing to do with the tongue of the pig. After the pork liver is sliced, it can be marinated with fresh water for a while before adding the marinade. The cleaned pork liver can prevent blood from floating in the soup and ensure that the soup is clear. If added before use, the color and fragrance will be better.
Amaranth Meat Soup
Spring amaranth is better than red amaranth. After cooking, the vegetables are smooth and the soup is fresh. Just boil the water, add the salted meat and amaranth and boil. The soup is fragrant, and cooking amaranth with a little more oil will make it smoother and more delicious.
Yaozhu Noodle Soup
When buying pork noodles, meat vendors should cut the knife lightly in one part of the intestine and squeeze out a small amount of "powder". If the ribbon is yellow, the noodles will be bitter. To clean the powdered intestines, just put a person's head on the head of the intestine straight to the end of the intestine. Garlic not only removes dirt, but also smells. Fanchang Qingyue and the impregnated Yaozhu, Yingshi and Qizi are cooked for 3 hours. This soup is warm and delicious.
Yangyang can adopt a variety of methods, if you can reasonably adhere to these methods, you can get better results. Exercise and hot springs can also help us raise Yang.

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