What does the quality of quick-frozen vegetables depend on?

From production to sale, the quality of quick-frozen vegetables is mainly determined by the initial quality and the final quality. The initial quality is determined by P.P.P., which is the processing and packaging of raw materials before freezing. The final quality is determined by T.T.T., which reflects the relationship between the time and temperature that the frozen food can withstand. The initial quality of quick-frozen vegetables is good, but the final quality will change through every circulation procedure to people's hands. The quality of the product will also change when it is frozen, and the extent to which it changes mainly comes from the temperature and the length of the freezing time. The lower the temperature, the smaller the change in quality and the longer the freezing time; at a consistent temperature, the longer the refrigeration time, the greater the change in quality and the worse the final quality.
From 48 to 58 years, after many experiments in the United States, it was concluded that the quality of frozen food is related to the temperature of freezing, and this relationship is called T.T.T. The quality of quick-frozen vegetables comes from the P.P.P. and T.T.T. projects, and the problems that arise in each link can not get high-quality products. Therefore, only with good raw materials and scientific methods for refrigeration, and also with good materials for packaging, can you get good quick-frozen vegetables.
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