What are some tips for buying frozen vegetables?

Now, for some office workers who work from nine to five, they do not have much time to cook, so they will choose some frozen foods, such as frozen vegetables. The following professionals provide you with several good methods that you can use when buying:
1. When you buy, you need to go to a large store with a freezer. Maybe it will be cheaper in bulk, but its shelf life and manufacturer information are not clear, so it is more safe to package it separately. The temperature at the bottom of the freezer is more stable than above, and the storage conditions are better, so its quality is more guaranteed.
2. It is suggested to go to the supermarket near your home to buy, but also to buy frozen food at the last time. After returning home, you should immediately put it in the freezer of the refrigerator and make sure that its temperature is lower than minus 18 degrees. When storing, it should be separated from other raw materials such as fish and meat, so as to prevent them from spreading bacteria with each other.
3. If you find that foods such as quick-frozen dumplings and fish and shrimp products are soft, or if they are all stuck together, this may indicate that the storage temperature is too high, so that bacteria may be generated. Do not buy products that have been frozen or frosted, because they may be frozen after they have melted. You should choose quick-frozen meat whose surface is light red. Do not buy if the color changes.
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