What are frozen vegetables?

Frozen vegetables are a type of frozen food. It is a small package of food made by processing fresh vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, etc., and freezing them at the lowest possible temperature and as fast as possible.
This processing method makes the water in the vegetable quickly form regular and fine ice crystals, which are evenly distributed in the cell, the vegetable tissue will not be destroyed, and the biochemical process inside the vegetable cannot be carried out, so the bacteria and mold cannot develop . Quick-frozen vegetables are very convenient to eat. They do not need to be washed, cut, and thawed slightly when taken indoors. Because most of the frozen vegetable products are cooked, some may also be added with seasonings such as salt, so cook on a fire Instantly cooked, its taste, color and vitamin content are almost the same as fresh vegetables.
Frozen vegetables are not just a single vegetable variety, but many times they will be mixed with multiple vegetable varieties. With a variety of mixed vegetables, they have reasonable nutritional value and can provide more comprehensive vitamins.