Summer health law: eat late, get up early, eat sour

The hot summer brings a test of the health of the elderly. The traditional theory of health care in the motherland pays attention to "advancing to the cold and the summer." For older friends, if they can do well in summer in accordance with the season, they can not only pass the summer smoothly, but also improve their health and prolong their life. The following 5 principles involve living, health, and disease prevention. This summer, older friends may wish to change.
Work and rest: sleep late and get up early. In summer, the sunshine time is longer, and the day and night are shorter. At this time, the changes in yang and yin deficiency in the natural world should be accommodated, and sleep should be relatively "late sleep" and "get up early". It is recommended to go to bed before 10pm and get up around 6am. Master the principle of "noon awakening", that is, sleeping at noon and taking a nap at noon. But siesta should not be too long, generally half an hour is appropriate. Do not get up immediately after waking up to go to work or study, because the blood supply to the brain is insufficient at this time, there will be a short period of cerebral dysfunction, which makes people feel dizzy, and it is best to lie still for 10 minutes before getting up. Once this kind of work and rest after Lixia is determined, it is necessary to exercise self-discipline and protect the biological clock from being disturbed.
Diet: Increase acid and reduce Xin. In summer, the liver viscera of the human body becomes weaker, and the qi becomes stronger. Some sour foods can be eaten on the diet to nourish the kidneys and help the liver, and nourish the stomach, such as tomatoes, lemons, strawberries, grapes, pineapples, mangoes, etc., their sour taste can condense sweat and dampness, replenish thirst, quench thirst, and improve stomach. Spicy things should be eaten as little as possible. As the summer yang rises, foods that are easy to get angry will cause heat inside and outside the body, causing acne, oral ulcers, and constipation.
Emotions: meditation. In the summer, the elderly tend to feel irritable, so Lixia's health must be "healthy." The first is "Quit dryness and anger." The old man should keep his mind as quiet and comfortable as possible. When the temperature is too high, it is best to reduce going out and avoid medium and high intensity exercise. The second is to eat less high-fat and thick-taste in the diet, but eat more, chicken, lean meat, etc., which not only supplements nutrition, but also plays a role in strengthening the heart.
Health: spleen and dehumidification. Hot and humid in the summer, the elderly are prone to spleen deficiency. It is recommended to eat red bean bean rib soup, red bean barley porridge, yam lotus seed soup, etc. once a week, which can improve mental fatigue, loss of appetite, and stool loss caused by spleen deficiency. In addition, do not eat cold foods such as watermelon and bitter gourd, otherwise it will hurt the spleen and stomach, promote "inner wetness" and is not good for your health. Elderly people should not stay in air-conditioned rooms for a long time, and do not lie on wet stools or on the grass; after bathing, wait for the hair to dry completely or blow dry before sleeping. Proper exercise and sweating are conducive to the drainage of internal moisture, such as jogging, yoga, tai chi and so on.
Disease prevention: winter disease and summer treatment. Three volts of sunshine have a long period of time, and the yang in the natural world is the most vigorous. At this time, acupuncture with traditional Chinese medicine is applied to correct the symptoms and prevent "winter disease", which can achieve significant effects. Common diseases suitable for "winter disease and summer treatment" include colds, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive emphysema, allergic rhinitis, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, and spleen and stomach deficiency diseases. In addition, summer is also a time when traditional Chinese medicine is used externally. For example, taking a traditional Chinese medicine decoction bath can prevent a variety of skin diseases.

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