Quick-frozen food industry should standardize production process

Standardize the production process and implement strict quality management. Since most of the quick-frozen food uses raw materials such as fresh meat, vegetables, and aquatic products, many of them are produced manually. These factors make the safety and sanitation of the quick-frozen food difficult to control. Therefore, the production of quick-frozen food must establish an excellent production process and in production. Continuous optimization and innovation in practice. As an emerging industry, the state should conduct macro-control and guidance. At the same time, we should formulate comprehensive quality control standards as soon as possible, implement standardized and large-scale management, and implement GMP and HACCP. At the same time, the state must formulate policies, establish a sound management system, and formulate relevant policies. For example, support is provided in taxation and credit, and unified management indicators for production facilities, product quality, hygiene standards, and nutritional content are set. For example, the establishment of a production permit system, strict product inspection, and quality standards have enabled my country's quick-frozen food to enter a high-standard development track that meets international standards.