Choose fresh frozen food

Generally speaking, the lower the storage temperature. The longer the product quality can remain stable, and vice versa. Below minus 18 degrees, frozen food has a shelf life of half a year. But this does not mean that it can be stored for half a year at minus 8 degrees Celsius. In fact, the freezer in supermarkets is often open, and people flipping around, the temperature cannot be kept at minus 18 degrees Celsius.
On the way home from the supermarket, the ambient temperature rises. Although the quick-frozen food will not melt completely, the temperature of the frozen food will also rise. It must be refrigerated immediately after arriving home. However, the freezer compartment of a general household refrigerator cannot maintain a constant minus 18 degrees Celsius. If there are other foods in the refrigerator compartment, it will not reach this level.
Relevant studies have shown that between minus one degree Celsius and minus eight degrees Celsius, the vitamin loss of quick-frozen food is very fast. Therefore, when purchasing quick-frozen food, try to choose products with a delivery date within one month.