The initial quality of frozen food is very important

The initial quality of foods with freezing processing conditions directly affects the quality of quick-frozen foods. For vegetables, its variety, picking period, picking method, climatic conditions, insect pests, pesticide pollution and optimal maturity are the main factors that affect the initial quality. The freezing process of vegetables is divided into three stages like other foods, namely, cooling stage, ice crystal formation stage and freezing supercooling stage. Among them, the second stage is the key to affecting the quality of quick-frozen vegetables. In this stage, the key factors affecting the quality of quick-frozen vegetables are the tissue structure and chemical composition of the vegetables: vegetables with higher moisture and fiber have poor adaptability to freezing, and Raw materials rich in protein, starch and pectin are more adaptable to freezing. Therefore, it can be said that different vegetables and different varieties of the same vegetable have very different freezing effects. Therefore, it is very important to choose vegetable varieties suitable for quick freezing. Generally speaking, you should choose vegetable varieties with bright color, strong smell, good tissue characteristics and uniform appearance. For example, peas should be fresh and sweet, kidney beans should be green and glutenless, and asparagus should be green with top scales. For cabbage flowers, choose white balls without fluff, and for cabbage, choose balls with firm and uniform size.