Business! Cold storage frozen vegetables have unlimited potential for future development

With the improvement of people's food safety awareness and consumer awareness, frozen vegetables will certainly be accepted by more and more people, and the market prospect is immeasurable. Quick-frozen vegetables are favored by the market because of their rich nutrition, seasonal restrictions, and convenient consumption.
As a natural food that does not require any additives, quick-frozen vegetables are favored by the domestic market. Although the quick-frozen vegetable industry in China started late, with its unique resource advantages, it has developed rapidly and has become a major exporter of quick-frozen vegetables. However, the popularity of quick-frozen vegetables in China is not enough, and there is huge room for development.

It is understood that in October 2014, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standards Committee approved the release of 33 national standards, involving health and safety, ecological environment and other aspects, "Frozen frozen fruits and frozen vegetables production management practices" are also among them. First of all, the introduction of this standard enables more than 200 frozen fruit and vegetable processing enterprises in China to compete fairly. Secondly, from the perspective of the whole industry chain, the loss of fresh fruits and vegetables in transportation, processing, picking and storage is reduced. Thirdly, the formulation of standards has promoted the technological progress and management progress of the fruit and vegetable processing industry, and has changed from an extensive production and processing model to a mode of intensive and large-scale industrial development.

In the past two years, the development of fresh e-commerce has been very rapid. In addition to the national vertical fresh e-commerce companies such as COFCO I bought the net, SF, and the original life, regional vertical fresh e-commerce companies such as Zhigongshe, and also flocked out. However, fresh e-commerce companies are also facing many challenges when they come to people. For example, there are problems such as non-standard products and difficulty in storage and transportation.

Surprisingly, the users of fresh e-commerce and the target groups of quick-frozen vegetables are very consistent, and they are all young people who pursue quality of life and have certain economic strength. In addition, unlike fresh vegetables, quick-frozen vegetables are very standard: how big a block, how long a strip, and how many grams a bag are executed according to uniform specifications, which solves the problem that it is difficult to standardize fresh e-commerce products.

With the gradual improvement of the production standards of quick-frozen vegetables, the development of fresh-keeping e-commerce has also opened up the market for it. The domestic development of China's quick-frozen vegetable industry is facing an unprecedented opportunity.

The continuous development of any industry requires the continuous injection of innovation, as well as the frozen vegetable industry. Whether it is the reduction of production costs and the improvement of technical strength, it is inseparable from the research on the frozen vegetable industry. Only by increasing industrial R&D efforts and developing more types of frozen vegetables with higher quality, the market will continue to expand and be accepted by more and more consumers.

When the vegetables are frozen, the central temperature must be within 30 minutes, from minus 1 degree to minus 5 degrees, and then down to minus 15 degrees. Any frozen vegetables that can reach or exceed this speed can be called frozen vegetables. It can be seen that the primary condition for determining frozen vegetables is the quick freezing requirement.